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Overview of the site

This site is a broad overview of the artistic universe of Vincent Debats, scenographer, draftsman, photographer and video artist. It is also a sharing of experiences, testimonies in its creative process.

Stage design


The child hidden in the inkwell. Joël Jouanneau / Dominique Richard.

Poems graphics

All series since 2000.



One of the first nonsense.



Drawing for the speeches of Rosemarie de D.Richard Editions Théâtrales Jeunesse.



Digital photographic montage composed of more than 70 montages.

Vincent Debats


Plastic artist and scenographer, Vincent Debats (Sarcelles, 1970) was trained at the Duperré School of Applied Arts in Paris and at the National Theater School in Strasbourg, scenography-painting section.


He has designed some fifty scenographies for, among others, Joël Jouanneau, Dominique Richard, Madeleine Gaudiche, Sélim Alik, Michel Galabru ...


As a visual artist, he has participated in some twenty exhibitions in France and Europe (Puls'art Le Mans, small format show, Tours ...). Several of his works have been the subject of public acquisitions ( City of Montreuil, Seine saint Denis, Media library of Joué-lès-Tours ...).

His drawings illustrate all Dominique Richard's plays published by Les Editions Théâtrales in the Jeunesse collection.


Since 2010, he has been an associate artist, with Dominique Richard, at Collectif Râ, Théâtre en Chemin (Joué-lès-Tours), where he works as a stage designer.


"Scenographer and visual artist, I have since 2000 taken over as a draftsman while continuing the scenography for the theater." I also began to draw live in shows.Lastly it was a secret garden, a breath and then small to I have exhibited, sold a little.


I had orders for exhibitions, residences (exhibition and box on Desnos, evening of drawings live at the Feast of Humanity, ARIA meetings in Corsica , The art and science residence "Bleu comme une orange" with the University of Bordeaux ...).

I also illustrate all the plays of Dominique Richard to the editions Théâtrales Jeunesse (The newspaper of big potato, the seasons of Rosemarie ...).


I decided to be more visible and to offer a more general overview of all the artistic fields in which I express myself. The associative gallery in Vendome, France, ECOTONE, represents me without exclusivity "

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